• Uneconomical Cars

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    Uneconomical cars aren’t an attractive proposition for the vast majority of UK motorists, particularly at a time when the country has only just begun to recover from a recession.

    However, for the wealthier among us there are some incredible vehicles available. Although many manufacturers are now focusing on making their vehicles more efficient, there is far less concern for expensive cars – after all, customers who can afford to drive something which costs as much as a small house probably aren’t going to lose any sleep over an extra tenner at the petrol station.

    Large 4x4s often burn through fuel quicker than most. There aren’t many people who wouldn’t like to own a Range Rover, but you’d be lucky to find a used Land Rover Range Rover for under £20,000 and travelling 100 miles could cost you in excess of £30!

    Used Range Rover Sport models will usually cost slightly more, as they generally come better equipped. They are surprisingly a little more economical though.

    Even more expensive than the Range Rover is the Mercedes G-Class. Brand new it will set you back up to and in excess of £120,000, and you could be looking at over £30,000 for a used Mercedes-Benz G-Class – and that’s for one which is a decade or so old! The G-Class is an old school 4×4; its enormous size won’t make for simple driving or easy parking, but it does boast a luxurious cabin and acres of space inside. Moreover, the G-Class performs superbly off-road.

    A little smaller and sleeker than the G-Class is the GL-Class. New models still carry a hefty price tag but the used Mercedes GL-Class market is much more reasonable.  In terms of what you’ll be paying at the pump, don’t expect much improvement on the G-Class or the Range Rover.

    Moving on from 4x4s which guzzle gas for fun, high-spec sports cars such as the Nissan GT-R also drink the black stuff like there’s no tomorrow. This is to be expected from a vehicle which can accelerate from 0 – 62mph in around 3 seconds flat, although surprisingly it is actually more economical on average than the Range Rover or G-Class.

    One of its main rivals the Porsche 911 delivers similar fuel economy but is more expensive to buy outright. Older generation models are available for very reasonable prices though – a ten year old 911 could be bought for under £20,000, which is impressive considering you’d be fortunate to find a second hand Ferrari F430 for less than £70k.