• Save On Fuel

    Date: 2013.02.15 | Category: Car Talk | Tags:

    The price of fuel has risen dramatically over the past decade or so, and it doesn’t show any signs of declining in the near future. A litre of unleaded petrol costs over double the amount that it did a mere 14 years ago in 1999.

    Add this great expense to that of road tax, insurance, MOT and servicing as well as general maintenance and driving becomes an incredibly pricey aspect of life. Factor in that the economic climate of the UK is currently in a state of recession, and the simple task of just getting to work and back can pose a big financial strain.
    So the question is how can we save money on fuel?

    We have listed some of our top tips on how you can cut back on your costs at the petrol station.


    Drive Slower

    Do you really need to get to where you’re going in record time? Relax and keep to the speed limits – it will be better for your driveshaft and you won’t burn nearly as much fuel.

    Ever wondered why you’re at the petrol station so often filling up your Range Rover? It’s because larger cars guzzle fuel a lot quicker – cash it in and try a cheap used nissan Micra.


    Fill Up In The Morning

    Fuel is stored underground, so fill up in the morning when it is coolest. As it gets warmer throughout the day it expands, and thus the litre you pay for is not actually a full litre.

    For short journeys, try not to use your vehicle. The exercise will be good for your health, and short journeys actually burn the most fuel in relation to the mileage you cover.


    Change Gears Quicker

    Keep your revs low and change up through the gears quickly. Most small cars can operate comfortably in fifthgear at about 1,500rpm at 30mph, so when you hit the speed limit you should be in top gear.