• Saab 9-3 back in production

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    Two new Saab 9-3s which have rolled off the production line this week are the first to do so in more than two years.

    The Swedish firm was declared bankrupt back in 2011, since when no new vehicles have been produced – until now.

    The petrol-powered models, which were built at the manufacturer’s Trollhatan factory, are identical to the 9-3s which were being rolled out prior to Saab’s closure. They are fully functional, however their purpose is to help calibrate and de-bug the factory’s assembly line and they will not be available to the public.

    The good news for Saab fans is that full-scale production of the 9-3 will resume later this year, with a new electric model to be produced from 2014.

    Mattias Bergman, acting president for NEVS, said: “I am pleased that today we have assembled our first car to verify all the production processes here in Trollhättan.

    “Prior to our decision to start production of Saab cars, we need to finalize a few remaining dialogues to build partnerships with suppliers. We now know that the plant is ready for production.”

    Since the firm’s closure, the 9-3 has remained a popular used model; listings are online at AutoOnline.co.uk, UsedCarsNearMe.co.uk and BuyYourCar.co.uk.