• Powerful Off-Road Cars

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    I have recently been looking for a new vehicle, something with excellent off-road capabilities, and as such have spent the last few weeks doing my research online to make sure I get the best deal on the car I want. When I purchased the used Suzuki SX4, which I’m still yet to sell, back in 2009 I was a little uneducated and misguided. I essentially bought it because I needed a four-wheel drive and it was the cheapest model available by quite a distance. It also boasted far better fuel economy than most other 4x4s. Consequently I bought it without really researching any further and although I certainly wouldn’t say it has been a bad car for me, it hasn’t successfully delivered in the ways I expected it to.

    We have a caravan spot in the peak district and sometimes I take the family up to there and other national parks for weekends away. The SX4 struggles off-road however, especially with a car full of people. I’ve been doing my research on powerful models with good off-road ability and here is the shortlist I’ve narrowed it down to for my next car.

    I have seen some used Subaru Foresters with low mileage advertised for less than £10,000 so this is certainly a car I’m considering. The Forester is one of the few large 4x4s on the market which is a true off-roader – many 4x4s are no produced, in my opinion, for wealthy individuals and are packed with interior features. As such they are usually not so good off-road. Fortunately the Forester comes well equipped too.

    When you’re talking about true off-road vehicles there is one brand that can’t fail to enter your mind: Jeep. Used Jeep Patriot models are priced very similarly to the Forester and it’s probably my favourite Jeep in the range. I also like the Grand Cherokee but it is a little expensive. One of the Jeep’s strongest assets, apart from the fact it works well off-road, is its interior which is comfortable and well designed. Unfortunately I have read that rivals perform better on the road.


    Probably the most powerful vehicle I’ve come across is the Toyota Landcruiser. It has a lot of ability when you take it over trickier terrain and second hand models are reasonably priced compared to rivals. Reliability is sound and the Landcruiser is impressively refined whether you are on the motorway or off-road. The engine can be a tad sluggish at times however.