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    The Porsche Cayenne is a high-end SUV. The Cayenne is indicative of traditional Porsche vehicles, offering exceptional styling, high performance and excellent handling. The difference found in the Cayenne is the car’s SUV status. Porsche is better known for designing sports cars but the Cayenne SUV is definitely top of the line.

    The Cayenne caused quite a stir in the car market and there was a lot of skepticism over whether or not Porsche could successfully produce a car outside of the performance car or convertible sector. The Cayenne has been well received since its introduction and is every bit as popular as other Porsche models.

    More recent Cayenne models include direct injection on all three petrol engines. Direct fuel injection results in improved fuel economy, efficiency, and an increase in power making the Cayenne a very attractive offering.

    The Porsche Cayenne sports ‘Porsche’s Dynamic Chassis Control’ system. It’s a combination of hydraulics and electronics designed to improve the ride quality and automatically adjusts the Cayenne’s roll-bar function.



    The Cayenne enjoys a premium status and buyers will pay a premium purchase price for the privilege of owning one. Fuel expenses, running costs and insurance rates will be more on the expensive side as well.

    The Cayenne provides good passenger space for both front and rear passengers. Headroom is good all-round and even rear passengers will have more than enough room. The Cayenne’s boot is also a good size with plenty of room for luggage.

    The Cayenne shares a similar cabin layout to that of the Porsche 911. The main controls and dials are functional and well laid out. The instrumentation has a quality feel for the most part even though some of the more minor controls are a little on the small and fiddly side.

    The Cayenne has a sporty feel and element to its design yet still manages to deliver a very comfortable ride. The Cayenne’s seats are large and supportive and Porsche’s Dynamic Chassis Control system helps to deliver quite an impressive ride.

    The Cayenne is a large vehicle but it is surprisingly easy to park. Great handling, good all-round visibility and parking sensors make parking the Cayenne easy even in crowded parking lots.

    Life Style

    The Cayenne delivers an impressive ride whether driven in town or enthusiastically on the open road. The Cayenne performs well in various conditions and body roll has successfully been minimized. The engine provides excellent power and never feels wanting.

    The Cayenne would make an excellent family car. It provides exceptional cabin space for passenger comfort and a good sized boot for carrying groceries or family size cargo. The Cayenne is a good choice for family vehicles.

    The Porsche Cayenne is not a likely first car. It is too big and too expensive for most first time buyers. The Cayenne is easy enough to drive and park but insurance and fuel economy will not be very practical for most novice drivers.

    The Cayenne boasts excellent build quality and a high standard of materials throughout the cabin. The Cayenne is a quality SUV but it may take some time for Porsche’s SUV to enjoy the same status as its sports car models.


    Safety and Security

    The Cayenne comes standard with an engine immobilizer and a security alarm. Given the Cayenne’s desirability cars that are sold in the UK are fitted with a tracking system.

    The Cayenne’s standard safety features include an array of airbags, body stiffening, ESP, and ABS. Other safety features include four-wheel drive and the PDCC system.

    The Finishing Touches

    The Cayenne’s standard audio unit is a combination radio/CD player. The standard unit delivers exceptional sound quality. Basic audio functions have been duplicated on the steering wheel for driver’s convenience.

    The Cayenne boasts a good quality of material throughout. The wide array of colour options helps to lift the mood in the cabin. The Cayenne represents a good mixture of expertise and technology.


    The Cayenne is a unique mixture of sports car capabilities and competent SUV qualities as well. The Cayenne sports a unique style but when all is said and done the Cayenne is quite an impressive SUV.