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    Land Rover’s Range Rover is the latest and greatest introduction into the SUV market. With its attractive exterior style and high-class modern cabin the Range Rover will appeal to a wide range of buyers.

    Range Rover are well known for producing a range of luxury products, and enjoy a large loyal following. The Range Rover is attractive and stylish yet it is definitely not a wimp by any means. The expensive Rover can be seen at the local schools, mud-pits, and executive offices.

    It is difficult to fathom that the comfortable vehicle with heated leather seats can climb rocks and muddy surfaces in the rain. Despite less than ideal conditions outside the cabin, the interior is fairly calm and quiet.

    The 2006 model Range Rover has been given an extreme new exterior make- over. The attractive new design will appeal to the younger hip-hop crowd as well as to the more practical and function oriented country crowd. The new style will appeal to a broad audience and will not offend traditionalists at all.

    The Range Rover is a very expensive purchase and the buyer will pay a high price for off-road abilities combined with on-road refinement. The unique traits of this vehicle won’t disappoint even the toughest critic.



    Land Rover’s Range Rover has an expensive asking price, with maintenance costs also running high. The Range Rover boasts a mere 24 MPG, add in the relatively high insurance costs, and this vehicle is very expensive both to buy and run.

    The cabin is spacious and headroom is plentiful for all passengers. The Range Rover’s boot offers enough space to accommodate a few large items and still has room for a few smaller ones.

    The dials and buttons all have a quality feel and are well placed. The fascia isn’t overly cluttered and the touch screen operates most of the Range Rover’s functions. The gauges are large and easy to read. They are surrounded by chrome effect which displays well against a black background.

    The Range Rover does a remarkable job of eliminating both wind and engine noise. The seats are all wide, soft, supportive, and very comfortable. Even the steering wheel is heated to complement the impressive climate control system.

    The Range Rover is a large vehicle so climbing into the cabin can be difficult for some, but not impossible. The doors do open to offer unrestricted access, as does the rear hatch. The boot is rather difficult to reach into due to the height of the vehicle.

    Parking can be made easier with the addition of a rear camera and parking sensors. Parking will not be impossible either way thanks to the high seating position and light steering, but it will not be easy even for the most experienced drivers.

    Life Style

    The Range Rover is a very competent off-roading vehicle. It can handle the toughest terrain and adverse weather conditions with ease. On the road the Range Rover delivers a smooth and refined driving experience. It is a versatile vehicle that can meet many demands head-on.

    This vehicle would make an excellent family car. There is plenty of cabin and storage space available for traveling, and the car handles well. There are entertainment upgrades available to help keep the kids entertained on longer trips. This is an expensive vehicle and won’t be a logical choice for all families.

    This would not make a very practical first car. Even for the few new drivers who could actually afford it. The vehicle is large and would prove difficult for an inexperienced driver to navigate. Parking would be challenging and insurance would be high.

    Range Rover is at the top of the SUV market in quality and image. The brand continues to hold its place even above other top ranking brands.


    Safety and security

    The Range Rover comes with central locking and a high quality alarm system, despite the quality an upgrade in security such as a Tracker system is probably a good idea due to the large amount of money that would be invested in the car and the amount of attention such a car would attract.

    The car comes standard with eight air bags grouped with Hill Descent Control, Electronic Traction Control, ABS, and Dynamic Stability Control. Every thing else will seem second best when its compared to this two and a half ton vehicle.

    The finishing Touches

    Buyers will welcome the impressive 14-speaker stereo system, surely able to block any unwanted outside noises. Vogue models feature ‘VentureCam’ allowing 4×4 fans to see what’s happening on their offside. SE models gain from a rear screen DVD entertainment system.

    There is a large assortment of wildly named colors offered, such as Zambezi Silver, Bonatti Grey, Java Black and Adriatic Blue. The menacing look is best suited with the Java Black. Supercharged versions look nicely with a Piano Black interior trim which has a look of class, and the Ivory leather is also nice.


    The Range Rover is not a viable financial option for most buyers, but for those who can afford it the vehicle delivers stylish comfort, durability, dependability, and a posh modern interior. The vehicle has a terrific road presence.