• Meaty Motors: Bentley Azure

    Date: 2014.08.01 | Category: Meaty Motors | Tags:

    The Bentley Azure may be the world’s most elegant convertible ever, but it is still one of the Meatiest Motors we have ever seen, and the quality of said meat is second to none. Bentley is no stranger to producing open topped cars. The Azure, is based on the latest Arnage chassis, and shares much the same look to the front end. The cabin and rear of the car have been completely redesigned.

    The car’s new exterior design is very flattering and hints at what the car is capable of. This is not a false impression either, the car boasts a twin-turbocharged V8 engine under the bonnet, and produces no less than 450bhp.


    The car provides an excellent suspension system, braking system, and excellent steering as well. The car is fresh and exciting, and for those who can afford it this is the sports car to have. It provides the best in everything, looks, performance and style. The car is not all that economical but buyers who purchase the Azure are not likely to be concerned with the car’s practicality or economy.

    The Azure will follow in a long line of quality premium convertibles that have been produced by the company. The car delivers an extra sporty ride and will not disappoint buyers on any front.


    The Azure will be an expensive car to purchase and run. The purchase price is high, insurance is very high while poor fuel economy and high running costs will make it an even more expensive. Buyers who purchase the Arnage are not likely ones who are on a budget anway.

    Cabin space in the Azure is adequate. Front seat passengers will be well catered for, while back seat passengers will find space more limited. Headroom is better all-round with the top down. The car has a decent sized boot but the Azure was not meant to be a cargo carrier.

    The car’s main controls and dials are all large and functional. The car is not overly complex, yet boasts the latest in technology for a nice blend of tradition and technology.

    The car provides excellent levels of comfort. The front passengers enjoy good head and legroom, the front seats are supportive yet comfortable. Rear seat passengers will probably not be comfortable for prolonged periods of time.

    The car is highly accessible. The doors open wide and provide easy access. Access to the rear seats is somewhat limited due to the limited space in the back. Of course access to the car’s cabin improves greatly when the top is down.

    Parking the Azure is a fairly simple process. The car provides decent visibility and the car’s steering and size make parking the Azure an easy task. The car’s extremities are easy to judge and even the most squeamish of drivers shouldn’t have any problems.

    Life Style

     The Azure provides an excellent driving experience. The car can be driven enthusiastically for a sporty ride or more laid back for a smooth comfortable ride. The car’s split personality enhances its appeal. The car’s stylish and sporty good looks will win over many buyers.

    This is not a family car. The car is too small to be seriously considered as a family car. Plus, the car was not designed to withstand the abuse that children can dish out. It might be used as a fun second car to a family.

    This is not a first car. Not many first time buyers will be able to afford the Azure, and the ones that can shouldn’t buy it. The car has to much power on offer for novice drivers and insurance and running costs will be very high as well.

    The Azure has an excellent image. It is commonly recognized as the best convertible in the world, and rightfully so. The car offers it all, looks, style, class, functionality, comfort and performance.


    Security and Safety 

    The car comes equipped with all the usual security features, but given the car’s price and desirability, a good secure garage is probably the only way to go.

    The car’s standard safety features include ventilated brakes with a powerful anti-lock system with brakeforce distribution as well as an Electronic Stability Control programme. The car also sports the company’s comfort suspension system that was pioneered on the Arnage R.

    The Finishing Touches 

    The car’s standard audio system is more than adequate and produces good sound quality. True audiophiles may want to consider a system upgrade though.

    The car boasts a unique interior design said to be influenced by contemporary furniture design. The car’s exterior looks the most flattering in darker colours that enhance the car’s style.


    The Azure scores well in all the top categories. The car provides the best in style, comfort and performance. The Azure is definitely a lifestyle statement.