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    The Cadillac Escalade is a more than meaty SUV which is impossible to ignore. However this American giant may well break the bank unless you happen to be a rock star or a Premier League footballer.


    Cadillac Escalade Car Review Summary

    The Cadillac Escalade will appeal to anyone who likes the limelight as it immediately attracts attention with its in-your-face styling wherever it goes.
    However be prepared for a few drawbacks. It is a rare sight on British roads and perhaps that is just as well as it is difficult to manoeuvre, hard to park and not exactly a joy to drive.
    Top soccer stars may love them but for those living in the real world the Escalade has running costs that could lead to financial ruin.
    Even in its home habitat of America where fuel efficiency used to rank with ballet as topics of conversation for grown men, the Escalade is perhaps out of step with the current crop of European SUVs that actively try and promote a more environmentally friendly image.


    The Cadillac Escalade can cope with a five-a-side team plus three subs in a 2-3-3 formation that would have Sir Alex Ferguson purring.
    However you may struggle to load the kit bags as with all the seats in place boot space is a bit tight – especially for a car this big – but the Escalade does have a separate opening boot window which is a great idea especially when you are parked in tight spots.
    The third row of seats are a bit of a disappointment as they are heavy and don’t fold away. They have to be physically removed from the cabin to create more luggage room.
    The driving position is comfortable as the seat and steering wheel are adjustable while the view from the cockpit is panoramic.
    The engine is an enormous 6.2-litre V8 beast that offers decent performance if disastrous fuel economy figures that will make only members of Opec smile.
    The petrol power unit offers serious acceleration which in a car this big can be a bit scary. The automatic transmission is smooth enough although it is prone to changing gear too often when operating in city traffic conditions.
    The Escalade’s sheer bulk make is a less than practical option around town and on narrow country lanes although the suspension does a good job of producing a smooth ride no matter what is thrown at it.
    It is only available in left-hand drive so overtaking is a chore and over-the-shoulder vision is nothing to write home about.

    Life Style

    The Cadillac Escalade is going to be a tricky sell when it comes to the environment. The giant SUV has predictably lamentable fuel economy figures, achieving just 17mpg even when your right foot is kept in check.
    Flashy and proof of extreme wealth it may be, but everything comes at a cost and with stratospheric carbon dioxide emissions the kids
    may not be too chuffed about mum and dad’s choice of transport as they grow up with greenhouse gasses choking the atmosphere.
    However, if you love bling and want celebrity status then this SUV offers both in spades. The V8 engine also emits a beautiful sound when the pedal hits the metal.
    Much of the Escalade’s appeal is in its surface glitter. Dig a bit deeper though and you’ll discover materials in the cabin lack a touch of class. Build quality isn’t exactly inspiring either as some of the fittings feel flimsy and driving on rougher roads provokes a noisy response as the chassis is shaken and stirred.
    The traditional face of a Cadillac is grafted on to the front of the Escalade which sports a cheese-grater grille and upright headlamps.

    Security and Safety

    The Escalade presents a large and tempting target for the criminal element which Cadillac combat by fitting deadlocks and a decent alarm system as deterrents.
    Cadillacs are red hot on safety so every Escalade sports twin front airbags with combined side and curtain airbags covering all three rows. To help prevent accidents the Cadillac Escalade is fitted with a stability control system that works to keep the the car on the road.

    The Finishing Touches

    The Cadillac Escalade comes in two specifications – Elegance and Sport Luxury. The entry Elegance model is fitted with heated, electrically adjustable seats, leather upholstery, tri-zone climate control, a six-disc CD multichanger, parking sensors and cruise control. The more expensive Sport Luxury Escalade adds cooling to the front seats, a heated steering wheel, satellite navigation and a rear seat DVD entertainment system. If you are interested on getting a quote on a new Cadillac Escalade have a look at New Car Pricing.