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    Buying a car can be a very daunting prospect. These days there are so many to choose from that it all become a little overwhelming. What type of car do you buy? What manufacturer do you trust? Which model do you punt for? Do you buy a new car or do you go for local Swindon used car stock?

    With hundreds of new models on the market and many times more used, you really need to be informed on the facts to ensure you get the vehicle which is right for you. We have narrowed down the main categories of vehicle down to four – sports cars, off-roaders, large family cars and small family/city cars.

    Remember that different manufacturers/models will suit different tastes, but we have picked our favourite new model in each of the categories aforementioned – hopefully it will help you with your decision.


    Off Roaders – Land Rover Discovery

    Land Rover models in general are unrivalled in the world of 4x4s. Their range covers everything from old school off roaders to luxury SUVs, but we’ve opted for the Discovery as our favourite, which is somewhere in the middle. It looks good, tackles rough terrain easily and is well furnished inside. It is also very reliable which should mean low maintenance and servicing costs.


    Sports Cars – Toyota GT86

    There are plenty of sports cars we could have made a valid argument for, but the GT86 ticks all the boxes in terms of appearance, affordability, speed and even fuel economy. At less than £25,000 it comes under a lot more people’s price range than say, a Lamborghini Gallardo, and it can reach 62mph from a standstill in a respectable 7.6 seconds.


    Large Family Cars – Ford Mondeo

    Once again, another strong category, but Ford has been a class leader in family cars for over a decade now and shows no signs of letting up. The Mondeo is smooth to drive, looks stylish and is reasonably priced. A good range of engines are available and there is plenty of space both inside the cabin and the boot.

    ford fiesta

    Small Family Cars/City Cars – Ford Fiesta

    OK, so we have effectively merged two categories into one here, but in essence there really isn’t a lot of difference between small family cars and city cars. We have chosen a small family car and couldn’t help going for another class leading Ford model. The Fiesta drives incredibly well, looks great and comes with a lot of decent equipment.